The key concept is ‘campus.’ That’s why several buildings have been designed to interact with each other and fulfill different functions, such as worker control and accreditation or serving as central offices.

The main idea of the project is to create a series of buildings with a similar and coherent aesthetic in line with the “campus” concept. Each building is independent with its own processing, but the client wants to develop them simultaneously to have them all completed on the same date.


The buildings that make up the project are, first of all, the Identification Building strategically located at the entrance to the site. Its function is to control and accredit all workers and visitors to the campus. The Dining Building, which will also serve the Northern Factory, has been designed to be as functional as possible, creating spacious and pleasant dining areas. Furthermore, the campus has two office buildings: Central Offices and Information Management. Large open spaces have been chosen to allow natural light to enter the work areas, concentrating services and spaces that do not require as much natural light in a central block. Lastly, the campus has an above-ground parking area called “P7,” all of which is part of an “Urbanization Works Project” that encompasses, organizes, and reinforces the desired “campus” concept, creating an attractive working environment.


One of the objectives of the Central Offices Campus project is to obtain environmental credentials that validate its excellence in design. Specifically, the goal is to achieve a BREEAM rating of VERY GOOD.


Vía: Estudio Lamela