The most demanding Security Enclosures

The Belgian Administration approves Proinller’s design for the most demanding security enclosures for Haren Prison (Brussels).


Haren Prison

This contract encompasses the design, construction, financing, operation, and maintenance for 25 years of a new penitentiary complex in the municipality of Haren, corresponding to the Brussels region, near Zaventem Airport, the Vilvoorde viaduct, and the future Uplace commercial complex in Machelen.

The construction of Haren Prison represents 108,000 m2 of built area on a 15-hectare site, accommodating 1,190 inmates and 1,000 administrative employees. The perimeter security wall measures over 1,200 meters in length.

The prison will consist of fourteen units: two prisons for sentenced male inmates, six for male detainees, two for women in open and closed regimes, one for juveniles, one for psychiatry, and a penitentiary hospital. It also includes an entrance complex, a main building housing visiting areas, courtrooms, a detainee reception complex, a national transfer facility, and a sports hall. Other auxiliary buildings include a control and intervention post, a security forces area, workshop areas for inmates, logistics service areas, administration areas, and parking for employees and visitors.

The building typology is common for this type of facility: piled foundations, reinforced concrete walls and structure, typical facades and roofs. It is important to consider the high requirements in terms of fire safety, security, and comprehensive accessibility.

Haren is FCC’s first concession project won in Belgium, adding to many others developed nationally and internationally in the social and healthcare sector, including hospitals, courthouses, etc.


-FCC is responsible for the design and construction of Haren Prison, in partnership with a local partner, which will become Belgium’s largest prison.

-Haren represents FCC’s first investment as a concessionaire in Belgium.

-It will replace the obsolete prisons of Saint-Gilles, Vorst, and Berkendael, located in the Brussels region.

-The building has been designed to align with the Belgian government’s idea of providing a humane prison while ensuring the necessary security levels.

Cost: €265.0 million

Client: Regie der Gebouwen

Start Date: 2016 (Preferred Bidder)

End Date: 32 months

Source: FCC City