Helios Complex

Fenwick Iribarren Architects is the architectural firm responsible for the design of the new business park called Helios. The project focuses on providing an exceptional working environment and consists of two buildings that form a unique and flexible real estate complex. The total constructed area is 59,600 square meters, spread over seven above-ground floors and two underground parking levels.

Project description

The main concept behind Helios is high flexibility and functionality with a strong emphasis on user experience. The interior and exterior spaces are designed with people in mind. The design incorporates ample natural light and thoughtful amenities to create offices that enhance the working experience, making it more pleasant and efficient. Approximately 90% of the work areas offer exceptional panoramic views.

The new buildings aim to create a symbolic and representative image, especially when viewed from the M-40 highway. The architectural composition consists of stacked horizontal planes, with the upper one sliding to create a gesture towards the M-40 and the lower one extending to connect with the adjacent building (Building 2). Glass volumes are organized between these massive planes to house the office workspaces. The design employs a play of solid and void spaces to enhance the upper floors and enrich the connection route with the neighboring building, creating a mix of compressed and high-ceiling spaces.

La composición se genera a partir de planos horizontales que se ´apilan´, deslizando el superior para producir un gesto sobre la M-40 y prolongando el inferior para conectar con el edificio que se desarrollará en la parcela colindante (edificio 2). Entre estos planos masivos, se ordenan los volúmenes de vidrio que generarán los espacios de trabajo de las oficinas. Se produce un juego de llenos y vacíos para potenciar las plantas superiores y enriquecer el recorrido de conexión con el edificio colindante, enlazando espacios comprimidos y otros de gran altura.

The project includes a two-level underground parking garage to meet the minimum requirements set by the PGOUM (General Urban Development Plan) and provide an adequate number of parking spaces for the building’s needs. The parking area includes spaces for disabled vehicles as well as electric and efficient cars, meeting the requirements of the CTE (Technical Building Code) and LEED Platinum environmental certification. Additionally, a minimum of 10 charging stations are provided for these efficient vehicles.

Los cuartos técnicos se sitúan en los primeros sótanos y plantas de cubiertas, de forma que se optimice el funcionamiento de las instalaciones. En planta sótano se ubican cuartos técnicos eléctricos y el centro de transformación de abonado, garantizando el acceso desde el exterior y la correcta ventilación que requieren estas instalaciones.

Technical rooms are located on the first basement levels and roof floors to optimize the operation of the building’s installations. The electrical technical rooms and the power transformation center are situated on the basement level, ensuring external access and proper ventilation for these facilities. The roof floors have been given special attention, with one central and one lateral area housing all the necessary machinery for the building’s operation, unified by a pergola. The other roof area, facing south, is dedicated entirely to thermal and photovoltaic panels to enhance the building’s sustainability criteria.

The building facades are designed with a curtain wall system, with mullions and flush transoms at the ceiling and floor levels. The glazed facade modules feature a screen printing in the lower area, up to a height of 75cm, in a color similar to the rest of the facade cladding. To achieve energy savings, the facades incorporate protection against direct solar radiation, taking into account both passive protections and the solar factor of the glass used. Each floor has operable windows to allow access for firefighters and facilitate moving activities.

The arrangement of both the outdoor spaces and the building volumes is based on linear bands perpendicular to Vía de los Poblados street, further emphasized through the use of color and materials in the buildings.

Regarding the interior design, Helios is conceived to be highly flexible and functional, with spaces designed primarily for people. The general floor plan consists of two open and spacious blocks dedicated to work areas, interconnected by a smaller block that houses lobbies, toilets, and vertical communication cores. The two office blocks are slightly offset to allow for better interior lighting. The focus on natural light and careful attention to comfort result in offices that enhance the working experience.

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