Inauguration of the the Airbus campus

Felipe VI, Pedro Sánchez, and Sara Hernández at the inauguration of Airbus’ new campus.

Also present were the Minister of Science and Innovation, Pedro Duque, Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury, and Chief Operating Officer Alberto Gutiérrez.

The City Council has granted up to 15 licenses for the construction of the new space.

Mayor Sara Hernández already participated in the laying of the foundation stone in July 2018.

King Felipe VI, the President of the Spanish Government Pedro Sánchez, the Minister of Science and Innovation Pedro Duque, and the Mayor of Getafe Sara Hernández have participated in the inauguration of the new Airbus Campus Futura in the city, among other invited authorities. Airbus representatives who spoke at the event included CEO Guillaume Faury and Chief Operating Officer and CEO of Airbus Spain, Alberto Gutiérrez.

Hernández pointed out that “Getafe benefits greatly from this new campus, as it reinforces the position of the city and Spain in the global aerospace industry, being the third largest center of the company on par with France and Germany, and also creating 1,600 job opportunities.”

The mayor expressed her satisfaction with Alberto Gutiérrez’s new position as Airbus’ “number two” earlier this week, emphasizing the employment opportunities that this sector offers. “I appreciate the Government of Spain and its President, Pedro Sánchez, not only for accompanying us at the inauguration but also for their commitment and the prior work carried out with Airbus to ensure its continuity and the positive economic impact it will continue to have on Getafe.”

Campus Futura

The Campus Futura of Airbus Spain originated from the strategic decision to strengthen Getafe as the company’s nerve center and the relocation of the Barajas offices. Recently, the new space facilities were inaugurated near the campus, where this year the production of equipment for the Ariane 6 launcher will begin.

With the new Campus Futura, the Getafe plant becomes the third-largest aerospace facility in Europe, after Toulouse and Hamburg.

The new facilities, construction of which began in July 2018, have the capacity to accommodate 1,600 employees and occupy a plot of approximately 51,200 square meters, with 33,500 square meters for urbanization and the rest for buildings.

In the Campus Futura project, a name chosen by Airbus Spain employees, digitization and new ways of working occupy a prominent place in its design. It integrates open workspaces, debate and co-creation areas, green spaces, and the use of digital technologies to provide added value. The building structure itself, shaped like an “H,” aims to promote interaction among the buildings, similar to a university campus, fostering dialogue between different teams and improving employee well-being. The Campus aims to be a key asset for talent attraction and retention.

In terms of environmental sustainability, it has achieved a BREEAM pre qualification at the Very Good level. The project has been developed entirely in BIM (Building Information Modeling), which allows for real-time collaboration and information sharing in the cloud, integrating multiple facets of the building.

To give an idea of the magnitude of the project, it involved 130,000 cubic meters of earth excavation, 25,000 cubic meters of soil filling, 36,000 cubic meters of concrete, and 3,450,000 kg of corrugated steel. The project is based on three pillars: agility, adaptability, and innovation. The expansion of Getafe is part of Airbus Spain’s long-term Master Plan, which encompasses not only the construction of the new campus but also the modernization and optimization of all on-site facilities and the restructuring of various functions and work areas that are currently outsourced. Hundreds of Airbus suppliers will also move to the Siemens building.

Vía: Ayto Getafe