About us

Projects and Engineering Llerena _ Proinller, a company established in 2003, presents itself as a forward-thinking company that offers a comprehensive service for the development and execution of unique lightweight facades, with extensive added value, by leveraging the application of new technologies and available or developable products for each project. Client satisfaction and continuous improvement provide a unique identity to our job.


Engineering development resources that support and justify the solutions of each façade project, using the latest generation of softwares and qualified human resources.


Convenient installation personnel and direct customer service until the completion of the project and the after sale service.

Specification in the project phase

Assists architects and designers in efficiently developing their project from the initial project phase, providing them with ideas and constructive solutions along with an initial economic assessment of them.

Project and development of constructive solutions

Execution of the constructive project of the façade that includes the development of the constructive solutions for the following manufacturing and implementation by ourselves.


Adequate manufacturing plants for the transformation of the previously stated elements.

Customer service

Prioritized importance of customer service and constant improvement.